Securely Pay Secured Loan

Making Secure Consignment Loan

Making secured consignment loans is a concern of most borrowers who hire this type of credit. What to do for the operation does not go wrong, and if it does, what should I do? Payroll loans have become uncomplicated financial operations for individuals to get cheaper money from the country.

With the payroll facility, pensioners, pensioners, civil servants and CLT workers must follow certain rules to ensure that the contracting of a payroll loan and the use of the ” paycheck card ” does not cause problems. The method of consignment since it was created has contributed greatly to the increase in the power and purchasing power of the majority of the beneficiaries of the National Social Security Institute and civil servants of all spheres.

The Social Security defined defines rules and guidelines to ensure that loans are granted by institutions appropriately for policyholders, but much of the security rules found in the segment are developed and disclosed by financial institutions.The MPS only takes care of the rules of concession between the Authority and the banks and financiers so that the operations suffer as little as possible with fraud, bureaucracies and technology problems. In recent years the MPS have been more involved in this issue, including intervening in the commission that correspondents win for each contract entered into.

Security measures

The security measure that I consider to be the most important, is the requirement and prohibition of contracting and signing the contract of the consigned loan by telephone , I also relate as very important to avoid fraud the prohibition of the granting of consigned loan in a different state, that is, to do the state loan that the Social Security beneficiary does not receive their benefit.

Did you give problem in the loan operation, how to proceed? Check how to contract the payroll with the banks and financial institutions authorized by Social Security and the necessary care to be taken to have a minimum of security.

Where to make Complaints

He made a consignment loan and felt hurt, even believes that the operation was carried out irregularly. Let’s resolve this … If you want to report breach of contract or concession rules, the procedure is easy, just register the complaint in the Social Security through the General Ombudsman’s Office of Social Security reporting to the institution, can be done through the website, Ministry of Social Security, Central 135 or any Social Security agencies in the country. Central 135 accepts free calls, however it must be done through a fixed or public telephone, if made by cell phone, the cost is a local call.

To formalize the complaint, the retiree or pensioner must inform the subject of the complaint, which bank or financial institution involved in the irregularity, inform all about the contract, account and bank branch, for compensation if applicable. It is important to have the residential address updated so that the correspondence response is sent by the Social Security.

Block the benefit

The retiree or Social Security pensioner may still block your benefit for new assignments and discounts whenever you want, regardless of whether you have one or more payroll loan contracts in progress. In the same way happens with the unlock, the action can be performed according to the interest of the insured.

The Blocking and Unblocking of the Social Security benefit can only be formalized with the live attendance of the retiree or pensioner in one of the Social Security Agencies.

Data, Documentation and Passwords

The security in the process does not only depend on the banks and financial and MPS, each has to do its part in the process, it is up to the retiree and pensioner also to collaborate to ensure security in transactions, one of the possible actions is never to pass, loan or give in the original documents to third parties, as well as inform the “CADSENHA”, Electronic Password for access to the Social Security website and the password of the consigned credit card.

It is worth to inform that the institution that does not respect the rules that govern the payroll loan can suffer some sanctions, among the sanctions, is the prohibition to carry out new operations of the payroll loan, from 5 to 45 days. If there is a repeat offense by the institution, the prohibition increases to 365 days, and if there is a new recurrence (third time), the suspension is 5 years.

Want to know much more, the Social Security website is available 24 hours for anyone who wants to consult Normative Instruction 28, which concentrates all the rules regarding the “payroll loan for Social Security retirees and pensioners.”