Personal Loan: What is it?



The personal loan is a type of strong credit disbursement in an amount more or less contained useful to meet unexpected expenses or to meet certain needs ( car loan , health loan , vacation loan , debt consolidation ). With Younited Credit it is possible to compare the different types of loans to the person offered by all credit institutions such as banks, post offices and financial institutions where it is possible to apply. This is a suitable solution to satisfy a certain type of immediate liquidity needs on the part of private individuals: unlike other types of loansin fact, the credit disbursed is not tied to specific purchases.


There are different types of personal loans for public or private employees, young people and retirees: forms of deferred payment are generally more or less facilitated and can be customized according to the reference categories and to the amount of the amount. To apply for funding, it is sufficient to present, together with identity documents, a pay slip or a pension slip certifying future availability for the monthly repayment of the credit. With precise guarantee conditions even temporary workers can apply for personal financing: for example, the presence of a guarantor or the commitment to pay off the debt by the end of the work contract may be required.

personal loan


Both the disbursement and the debit of the personal loan can take place directly on the applicant’s current account : the total loan is usually paid in a few days, once the approval procedures are completed. The debit amount for the repayment of the credit is distributed monthly, respects the conditions of the plan envisaged at the time of the request and also includes the interests. In the case of loans for pensioners or public employees, the salary assignment could also be used as a form of repayment: this particular form of payment provides for repayment through the withholding tax on the salary or pension of the applicant of one fifth of the monthly income.


Unlike the consumer credit the loan to the person allows to have available a sum of cash used for multiple purposes, depending on the different needs of each one: it is useful opportunity to meet the different needs of life and plan a conscious management of money. With Younited Credit it is easier to find the most convenient and suitable personal loan for your needs because with a few clicks you can immediately compare the different types of loan and find the solution that suits you best: try it now!