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Do you want to borrow money as a self-employed person quickly? This is not always easy! Fortunately, you can also get a loan in a different way than through the bank!

Getting a loan from the bank is not something that you arrange for a while. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself, or perhaps you have heard of others. You must first undergo all kinds of checks and procedures and there are many conditions attached to these loans. As a self-employed, you probably also run into this. That is why it is advisable to take out a loan in a different way than at the bank. Is this possible? Yes, you can quickly borrow money as a self-employed person with a mini credit at online loan providers!

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Maybe you’ve never heard of poor credit payday loans. These types of loans are relatively new and offer you many possibilities. You can now easily close your loan online at! This means that appointments and waiting times are no longer necessary if you want to borrow money quickly. Other benefits of these loans are that you always receive the money the same day! 

Quickly borrow money as a self-employed person when you are on the blacklist

Did you have a blacklist notation in the past? Then this can make things even more difficult. When you have a notation on the blacklist, you are generally considered un-creditworthy by banks. Fortunately, no blacklist check is done prior to mini credit. That means that this blacklist notation does not matter! The reason they do not perform this check is that they are very time-consuming and because they are rather small amounts, so the risk for them remains low.

How much money do you borrow as a self-employed person?

So mini- credits are small amounts, but how much can you borrow exactly? You determine the amount of your loan yourself, as long as the amount is between 50 and 1000 euros. You can, for example, borrow 400 euros to invest in your company, but you can also take out a mini credit for private items such as a new 1000 euros car. You do not have to justify to the loan provider for which you want to use the money. However, it is sensible to bear in mind that most of these loans have a maturity of one month.

Quickly borrow money as a self-employed rule

Are you interested in taking out mini credit? You have this money on your account with a few clicks of the mouse. You just have to take the following steps:
– Search online for mini credit providers
– Compare the different providers on the basis of the conditions to make your choice
– Fill out the application form that you find on the website
– Wait for the SMS to confirm the request
– You always receive your money the same day, but often in 10 minutes! Borrowing money as an independent rule so you can use a mini credit!